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Pregnancy Massage Therapy & Maternity Reflexology

My philosophy is to help you feel integrated with your body and emotions.  Pregnancy can bring up so many feelings and taking the time out for massage can be of great comfort. I also offer nurturing massage for pregnancy loss, something I have experienced myself.

Potential benefits:

  • reduce stress hormones and anxiety levels

  • enhance deep relaxation of the mind and body

  • bring about relief for strained and overtired muscles

  • improve sleep quality

  • increase energy levels and wellbeing

  • increase circulation

  • relieves common discomforts

  • improve skin tone

  • alleviate muscular aches, spasm and tension including back, arms and legs

  • release tension and tightness

  • release endorphins

  • ease postural problems 

Elizabeth Plant

Dip. VTCT IIHHT PTTLLS MSAnat (Jing), MIAHC, Student Member ARR

Please call on 07423 019459
or email
Elizabeth Plant Pregnancy Massage and Reflexology

Elizabeth has been in practice since 2010 having attended the Jing Institute of Clinical Massage and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  She provides reflexology, massage therapy, including pregnancy, and holistic health coaching.  She uses a heart-centred approach, guiding you to take good care of yourself. She draws on her skills and knowledge of relaxation and remedial bodywork techniques to help people living with pain related conditions from muscle tension and those experiencing stress and anxious feelings to manage these.

She works with a holistic model that takes into account factors such as biology, psychology, emotions and social context too. Her own experiences with enable her to serve better in order to create healthy habits to improve your own wellbeing.


She is a Member of the Association of Reflexologists.  If you have a healthcare cash plan you may be able to claim part of the reflexology treatment you receive.

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