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Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy is where I bring together my skills in massage, acupuncture and sports rehab to kickstart the treatment process! Massage is a key part of the treatment process and often the first step in a treatment plan. Although sports massage is useful for relieving tightness and aiding mobility, it’s not going to fix your body. This is where my approach is different, massage therapy together with a functional movement plan and acupuncture if required is the best way to address your body’s needs. This helps to ensure you get the maximum benefit from our therapy, and achieve full fitness as quick as possible.

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Emma Venables

BSC (Hons) Sports Science Degree

Registered Practitioner with the Sports Massage Association (SMA)

Over the past 10 years I’ve worked in many environments within sport and fitness. Olympic athletes, Rugby Clubs, physiotherapy clinics and personal training but one thing has always been the same. My passion for reducing the risk of injury and getting the body working properly! I know how devastating injuries can be, so my work is dedicated to prevention over cure!

My passion for sport began with football, I lived and breathed it for many years! With this I suffered just about every injury you could imagine, from a ruptured cruciate ligament to torn cartilage. Eventually these injuries forced me to give up playing at a competitive level, and drove me towards helping people prevent the same experience happening to them.

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