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About Us

We approach healthcare by understanding and treating the root cause of mental and physical symptoms.

Core Wellbeing combines the knowledge of several specialist practitioners to enable us to offer integrated healthcare. 

"Health is the ability to adapt to an ever-changing scene around us and to move forward with as much ease as possible, our aim is to to help you achieve this".

Sue Roberts (Founder)

We endeavour to treat patients to the Core, understanding to the deepest level possible the causation of symptoms, to improve levels of health and Wellbeing. Teaching people to be human beings not human doings. The mind is very powerful and influences physical illness, therefore employing a combination of therapies to support patients on the mental and emotional level, as well as the physical is of paramount importance. We often find where previous treatment options have been unsuccessful, that a combined approach is more effective as one or more of our practitioners can share their expertise.

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