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Nutritional Therapy

Enhance your  wellbeing by easing health issues and elevating health, supporting the body as a whole.

Key Benefits
  • Effective support for health conditions

From digestion issues and allergies to sports nutrition and autoimmune diseases, we can help with a multitude of conditions.

  • Build strong foundations for wellbeing

We strongly advocate preventative healthcare, stopping those health issues in their tracks

  • Holistic approach to your care

Target your  main problems first and foremost, whilst at the same time providing support for the whole body

How it works

You'll begin with a free 15 minute consultation call to discuss your needs and specific concerns.

From here you'll be able to book in for an initial consultation, which will include a full symptom and health history analysis. Our nutritional therapist will send you away with comprehensive recommendations to implement into your routine.

To ensure these recommendations are getting you the results you're after, you'll have follow-up appointments. Here you'll be able to track your progress and gain more insights into further treatment.

Our Clients Say

"I cannot recommend Gina enough, she has been absolutely fantastic! Gina provides an incredibly compassionate, professional and individualised service."


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