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Breast Awareness Clinic

Breast  cancer awareness and examination clinic including optional genetic testing and polygenic risk scoring.

Key Benefits
  • Learn how to effectively self-examine

In-depth instruction on the best  techniques for  early detection

  • Reduce your risk of breast cancer

Practical lifestyle advice to proactively take control of your breast health

  • Proceed to genetic testing and polygenic risk scoring (PRS)

Discuss family history and   complete genetic testing, if suitable for you

How it works

Start your path to empowered breast health with our Initial Consultation. This session not only educates you about reducing breast cancer risks and teaches effective self-examination techniques, but also includes a comprehensive physical examination.


Then maintain and monitor your breast health with our Follow-Up Consultation. This session is designed to address any new or ongoing concerns you may have about your breast health.

The clinic is not designed to see clients who have symptoms. If you have any of the following please seek advice from you Gp:

  • Lumps

  • Thickening

  • Skin Changes- Shape, Feel, Texture, Dimpling, rash

  • Fluid coming from nipples

  • Redness of Flaky skin to the nipples

  • Change to the position of the nipple

  • The breast looking red and inflamed

  • The skin having an orange peel look

  • Pain

Our Clients Say


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