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GP Health Assessment

Access to private GP services with a premium, bespoke approach.

Key Benefits
  • Avoid long waiting times

Access to  services above and beyond what is normally available through a NHS GP

  • Pathway to optimal health

Our GP will utilise the latest diagnostic tests and implement evidence-based strategies

  • Find the root cause of your symptoms

Understand your health through 3D body scanning, blood tests including food intolerance and allergy tests and joint injections.

How it works

We understand that your needs from General Practice are unique, as is our approach to your care. Book in for a 15 minute Telephone Consultation, or an In-Clinic 45 minute consultation with  Dr Mark. 

Looking for a complete health overview? Dr Mark offers  3D Health Assessments.

You can also book in for a Phlebotomy appointment, allowing you to track your cholesterol, inflammation, vitamins, minerals and hormones.

Our Clients Say

Mark Martin copy.jpg
" I was suffering with severe allergic  reaction, now I know what to avoid. Would definitely recommend for friendly, efficient, no nonsense service."

Jo Seery

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