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Natural Remedies

What we do for you?

  • Identify and start treating the root cause of your symptoms

  • Harness the natural healing power of your body

  • Help you feel more balanced and healthier

  • Feel more able to deal with what comes up in life with greater ease

  • Assist you in identifying aspects of your life that are triggering your stress response

  • Identify which aspects of your life cause you to feel relaxed, calm and stress-free 

  • Use natural treatments and remedies to improve health and vitality

"Health is the ability to adapt to

an ever-changing scene around us and to move

forward with as much ease as possible, our aim is to to help you achieve this".

Sue Roberts (Founder)

We need to look after our body, mind and soul to lead a fulfilled and happy life. Our thoughts, emotions, feelings, physical activity, diet and sense of life purpose affect our health. We will create a tailored approach for you and support you on your journey to achieve your personal best. 

Our belief is that to understand the part we have to acknowledge and understand the whole,  to do that we take a full and detailed account of your unique history, all your symptoms and your lifestyle.

We offer a more natural approach to health for all ages and stages of life.  Our practitioners will cross refer and communicate with each other in cases that are more persistent or complex to bring a greater depth of knowledge and clinical expertise.

Our Therapies

Sports Therapy - Osteopathy -

Homeopathy - Counselling 

Wellbeing Coaching -  Nutritional Therapy 

Trauma Coaching - Hypnotherapy 

Massage Therapy -  Ear Wax Removal

Medical and Traditional Acupuncture

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Discovery Call

All our practitioners and receptionist are happy to have an introductory chat if necessary before booking an appointment, many available to book online.

Reception Mobberley

Discover Wellness - Discover Bespoke - Discover You


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Therapy Rooms to Rent

We have 3 modern, versatile clinical rooms available to rent by the hour or for block bookings at a reduced rate, perfect for medical and wellbeing professionals.

Please get in touch via phone 01565 873402 or email for more information

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